South Side Family Farms

South Side Family Farms Brings People Together

South Side Family Farms brings people together through a collective love of food, agriculture, and a drive to uplift those around us. We aim to serve our community through cultivation, collaboration, and communication. Through interactive services and programs such as teaching about work in the garden, proper nutrition, and how to cook delicious recipes from your harvest, we are with open arms ready to help anyone in our community. These programs allow us to teach people the art of planting and maintaining a garden so that our neighbors and volunteers can help us fight food injustice together as a community.

Initially, South Side Family Farms started out with church youth engagement and community outreach in order to teach about building garden fences for seniors. More recently, we began focusing on connections between community seniors and youth to build positive relationships of respect. That way, we can focus on transferring the wisdom of seniors to empower our youth in regards to gardening and harvesting. These strong and positive connections create a unified space for all ages to learn and grow as a community. In addition, we are continuously educating on the best agricultural practices, helping provide safe environments for our community, and working to increase access to fresh produce for our underserved neighbors. By helping those in need around us, South Side Family Farms looks to benefit our community’s overall health through our strong connections and collaborations.

As an organization, our main goal is to bring people together in any way shape or form. Our work has allowed connections of people of all different ages who share the same drive and willingness to help others in their food needs. Through cultivation, collaboration, and conversation, we are able to bring people together to create a better community.

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